If I was a character in my favorite book,

I would wake up to chirping birds at the crack of down,

I would eat kisses for breakfast, have a permanent smile on my face,

I would bump into a stranger at the bus stop, spill his coffee all over him,

He would curse at me, then look up and stare,

He would have light green eyes which would flash gold just before he whispers, “Mate”,

I would stand there in a trance, like a hound captivated by his scent,

My brain would be screaming at me to run, my heart beating erratically in my chest,

He would reach out and hold my hand and jolts like static would travel up my arm, a familiar feeling seeping into my body calming my nerves,

He would invite me to have coffee, and I would just nod absent-minded and he would let out a little chuckle,

I would tell myself it’s because I spilled his coffee anyways, and let him lead me back to the shop,

We would sit at a booth, him with his black coffee no sugar, me with my hot sweet chocolate,

He would tell me he has been waiting for me all his life and ask if I believe in myths and soul mates,

That I am the other half of his soul,

I would tell him I know what he is, and his eyes would flash gold again leaving me breathless,

He would ask if I accept to be his mate and I would say yes,

We would get married in a week, be pregnant in another,

We would have triplets, who I would carry for six months,

Being children of an Alpha their strength and size would overwhelm my human self,

We would all die at birth,

The pack would wail and howl in pain, at the loss of their Luna and heirs,

For five minutes,

Then the author would bring us back to life,

I would make mistakes, He would make mistakes,

We would run free in the pack lands, Me on his back as he leaps and howls free,

I would cry in the closet when the duties of a Luna become too much, wondering if my human self is enough for them,

My pups would come find me, and I would be cuddled and coddled.

If I was a character in a book,

A place where depression and sadness are just words,

Where forgiveness and love are easy to grasp,

I would live a content life to ripe old age,

Have a couple of grand babies and grand pups,

I would meet the kiss of death with glee,

With my soul mate and family at my side.

But, oh well,

I am not a character in my favorite book.