I do. Take one.

I do
A leap into the great unknown
Promises of roses and snow
Red roses with green little thorns
A promise of blood in the white of ice

I do
Seasons change as they are meant to
Leaves resurrected from frosted trees
Seasons changed as they are meant to
Leaves died on frosted trees
Our garden a brown dead sludge
I do became I did

I did
At the top step on the way out
I took a breath and looked back
Right into the eyes so like my own
Sad, shattered
I did

Our garden a brown dead sludge
Reminded me of a farm ready for planting
The more I blinked
The more my eyes moistened
The greener our yard became
So much grass hidden beneath accumulated sludge

I didn’t
When a hand was held out
I placed my own in it
The same hand which I held
When said I do

I do
Take one.

man wearing gray shirt beside woman
Photo by Clement Eastwood on Pexels.com