Bonus Wordle: Redress

A white barn bird of the night’s hoot cuts through the night,

and I know it has’t a message from mine own beloved,

The spring breeze endures with it his stout musk, a scent that promises me reverie from mine own miserable existence,

Mine mind listlessly drifts to nights at which hour we cuddled under his cloak, how that gent did hold me close when the wind became too stout,

mine own eyes sight the bird perched on a barren pine bough, in its beak a red parcel,

I extend mine arm and take the parcel, turning it over in mine hand, as the bird flies hence,

I see it is stained red, but cool fluid flowing between mine fingers and pooling at mine feet confirm it not merely stained but sodden,

Mine own blood runs bitter cold, what hast befallen mine beloved?

The door creeks open as I stand frozen by the open window,

I see his feet first, clad in leather with a claw at the tip,

Mine own villain stalks in, his swagger tinctured with faint hysteria,

In his hand the gent carries cowslips tied in a blue cloth, the scarf mine own beloved hath,

they too art stained, his hands art stained,

“won’t thee open thy package mine own queen?” that gent drawls,

with shaking fingers, I pull the strings and the package unveils itself,

Inside there is a warm heart still faintly pulsating in mine own hands,

Sticking out of the middle of the organ is a red and black rubie ring,

The same ring mine own beloved wore on his right hand middle finger,

I pluck it and slide it onto mine own ring finger, letting the ‘organ fall at mine own bare feet,

Mine own thoughts distilled I see only red,

all that’s left in mine wake, is a leather claded foot with a claw at the tip.

Bonus Wordle – Shakespearian Style