Pub Love

Alec tried to keep her staring discreet. The object of her obsession had just walked into the pub and sat at the usual high stool at the bar. Today she was clad in a loose yellow sweater with black skinny jeans ripped at the knees, one side hung low on their left shoulder showing her pale creamy skin, Black ankle length yellow booties with about a three-inch heel completed the look. Today the long black hair with blonde highlights was held in a high ponytail.

Alec rubbed her thighs with her sweaty palms and grimaced. She looked around and saw all the attention the girl garnered just by walking leisurely from the door to the bar, her boot clicking lightly amidst the noise in the pub and Alic felt jealous. The girl had that sort of confidence that Alic only read about in books. Its like she knew the attention she attracted and reveled in it, maybe even craved it. Looking at the girls’ pale exposed shoulder Alic felt the sudden desire to mark her. It was so deep and so profound it made it hard to breath and she had to look away from the beauty at the bar talking animatedly with the bartender. 

Alec regarded herself dressed simply in blue baggy jeans, a black hoodie with white and red graffiti, and brown timberland boots. Her black kinky hair was held in a low puff by a black rubber band. She had on a little makeup today, she had really wanted to impress. But Alec was still very nervous, compared to her, the beauty was small.  She looked no more than 5.6 , in heels, with a very small lean body and Alec was 6.1 and quite muscled. What can she say, gym was her second home. She just hoped the little beauty wouldn’t be intimidated by her size.

The girl turned on their seat smiling at something the bartender said and their eyes met. Alec felt her heart slam hard in her chest then start beating double time. This time she didn’t look away like she usually did in such situations, she smiled, well she hoped it looked like she was smiling. When the beauty hesitantly smiled back, using that as her cue, Alec stood up and walked towards the bar. 

Her smile widened showing pearly white teeth as Alec got closer. Up close she could see the girl had on slight makeup, her eyes were lined black and winged at the edges and her lips were a pale red. Alic couldn’t hide her surprise when the girl pulled the stool next to her and patted it. “I was wondering if you will ever talk to me,” she said in a deep smooth voice. Alec blushed as much as a dark-skinned woman could, “I wasn’t sure how to approach you, I am Alec”, she said extending her hand to take the pale small hand that was held out to her and gasped at how warm it was. “Marcus,” she replied and that was when she registered the deep voice and couldn’t hide her surprise, gaping like a fish, her hand lingered in the warm small palm for a second longer before she pulled it back, “You’re a dude!!!”, she blurted out then regretted it instantly face palming, ” Oh my Lord, I am really sorry.” Marcus laughed, his deep smooth voice echoing in the pub, a few people turned to see what was going on then went back to their business.

“It’s okay, I get that a lot actually. Can I be just Marcus? If you are wondering about my genitalia, I do indeed have a penis”. Alec choked on air at such bluntness and Marcus laughed again. ” Well, I am pan and yes I do have lady bits”, Alec responded, taking a seat on the stool that had been pulled out for her, feeling like she owed the information to them. Marcus hummed and seemed to be checking her out their face leaning on their left hand on the counter like they were contemplating something. 

“Well Marcus, I would like to buy you coffee sometime”, Alec said trying to sound smooth and collected remembering what brought her to the bar counter in the first place. It didn’t matter what gender Marcus identified as, she still wanted to get to know them better and possibly be something more, “You are just so beautiful, really, you… you… are the reason I come here every Tuesday. I love how you rocked those pink boots with the Gothic look last Tuesday and that turquoise dress with black heels the other week was just wow. Gosh, I sound like a creep, I am not a creep, I am a decent person, now I am rambling, this conversation went so great in my head, I don’t even know which way you swing, I swing all ways, so yeah… I will…um… shut up now”, Alec cringed so hard and looked at the toes of her boots cursing all the gods that made her so awkward. After what felt like forever but was maybe just a second or two Marcus leaned into her line of vision and smiled that pearly white bright smile that Alec was seriously falling in love with. Up close she realized his eyes were a dark shade of brown. 

“I have been watching you watching me and I must say I kind of liked it”, Marcus said reaching out and holding her hand, interlocking their fingers, “How about that date, right now? I think we have both waited long enough for this and I know a cute little cafe just a block from here”. Alec looked at the pale dainty fingers, nails painted black interlocked with her larger dark ones and then looked up into the gentle brown eyes crowned by long lashes, and for the first time in her life, her heart found its rhythm.