This week’s photo prompt is provided by Pamela S. Canepa. Thank you Pamela!

She looked right and left, so much traffic. She took a deep breath and entertained the thought of walking away. She was well-trained, she could get around this situation.

“This is not the time for cold feet Angela”, a voice said inside her ear followed by a muffled whimper. “I know”,  she responded irritably and started walking across the street. If anyone had taken note of her, maybe they could have seen her un-shed tears, maybe they could have seen through the facade. She walked slowly into the lobby and stood in the middle. She saw the two people she had come for hunched together in conversation and exhaled, they couldn’t escape this. 

The bullet was silent and she saw rather than felt the deafening blast as the bomb she was wearing detonated. Just before she was consumed she heard the sirens inside her ear and she knew the police had decoded her message. This sacrifice was worth it if her little girl lived.


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