Writers rant :-)

I am so thrilled to see the finish line, almost. I am trying to sprint but we all know the last lap is the hardest and makes or breaks the race. The surgeon and his lawyer is just three chapters away from the end. Then I will focus sorely on Soul Realm which has been on hold but is much more popular. When my writers block cleared I saw a clear path with Giovanni and Tom and I thought, why not just finish this?

I already have two plots ready to work on next after I am done with Soul Realm.  I anticipate it will only be five chapters more then I bid farewell to Timon, Harry, and the marvelous people of Soul Realm. There shall be no sequels for both books.

I am already really excited about the next projects. They will be more of adventure, fantasy, and mystery rather than romance. Okay, maybe there will be some romance 😉 but it won’t be the major theme. I want to explore other types of relationships between different types of people. Writing novelettes is so much more fun than I anticipated just addressing issues that I find important to me and having fun while at it.

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