A is for Angel

Mani rose from the squat looking down at the dead incubus demon at her feet. It was a mercy kill, the demon had been severely wounded by a sadistic human who had found a way to trap the poor thing in a dungeon and use him in the most vile ways. Mani had seen a lot in her many years of living but this, this took the damn crown. She had made it quick and painless but it still pulled at her heart-strings to take a life. She was the angel of new beginnings after all and death was a beginning, in a way. The demons’ soul would go back to the pool of life and wait to be reincarnated and maybe live a better life than the hand he had been dealt with in this one. Mani cradled the body in her arms and said a short incarnation and it disappeared from her hands. It will reappear in the catacombs where the angels stationed there would bury him.

Conjuring a dark green cloak , Mani teleported to the Himalayas materializing on Mt Everest. This was where she came when she needed to decompress. Mani had been alone for as long as she could remember. She was created, one of many, and the face she saw first when she gained consciousness was the face of Michael the archangel who gave her a break down of her duties. She was to help all creatures with starting over.  Whether it was through death or through rebirth or decisions about moving on, so long as it involved starting afresh Mani had to be there. It was what she was created for, there were no choices just instructions. 

Breathing in the frigid air She tried to relax. The situation with the incubus demon had drained her quite a bit, both body and soul. She wanted to hunt down the human and torture him in the same way he did to the small creature. Sure incubus fed on lust,  but they needed to feed just like the next creature. Incubus never hurt their host, they fed on their lust and left so she couldn’t understand the people who took them hostage and mistreated them. She clutched her fingers and prayed for patience because she didn’t feel like she had the power to let this go.

As soon as she settled down she felt an a cold feeling down her neck as if someone was tracing a line with a cold finger. She cursed knowing she was being summoned to help another soul. Mani sighed heavily, “Five minutes! You could have given me five effin minutes to rest!” she shouted into the cold air puffs of steam leaving her mouth. She felt herself being instantly teleported and she materialized in what looked like a little girls room. It had pink bedding on a small cute bed, there was a huge pink unicorn at the corner of the room, and little pink plush toys littered everywhere. “Pretty”, she heard a small voice speak with awe from behind her.

Mani looked behind her and there in front of her was a little girl dressed in a princess costume and before Many could smile her heart broke a little more. This little girl didn’t have long to live.


To be continued…