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Timon POV

I fell on the soft grass exhausted. There is so much to see, feel and touch on this meadow and to think its only a small bit of this place was enough to make me giddy with happiness. I hoped I got to stay here, there is not much waiting for me back home. A face came in my line of vision and white hair tickled my nose. “So, have you tired yourself out or are you going to run some more, I am Dave by the way”, he said. I sighed and pushed him away so that I could sit up, my stomach growled loudly and startled me. Dave chuckled, “hungry much?” he asked. I felt my face heat up, I had not felt hunger for a long time, what was happening to me? “It is because you are now on the surface so your body is activated again, you were kind of in a dormant state down there in the tunnels”, Dave volunteered the information again as if he was reading my mind. I narrowed my eyes at him and licked my cheek. He was a weird one.

I stood up and we started towards some hover car thingies that looked highly unsafe to travel in. Mark and Rakus, as they introduced themselves, got in easily into one as Dave got into another and beckoned me to follow him into the contraption. I eyed it warily and Dave noticed my hesitance. “Come on its totally safe,” he said leaning over and pulling me up by my armpits like a toddler. “Heeey!” I gasped feeling slightly emasculated by his act as the car started moving and I tried my best to keep whatever fluids remained in my empty stomach to stay put.

To say the city was beautiful was an understatement. I soon forgot my discomfort and stared in amazement. I could hear Dave chuckle at my side leaning over to close my hanging jaw but I was start struck. All the buildings were pristine white with golden hues, people moved around in beautiful robes like the ones my companions wore and dainty colourful sandals. I saw a few people decked in what was maybe military or security wear because it was similar to what Harry was wearing. “What’s with the robes?”, I asked Dave, “and are there any women here?”. “Why the robes? comfort, can’t you feel the heat? I don’t know how your areas are able to breathe in those tight things you are wearing”, he said pointing at my skinny jeans, “there are people of all genders here and we are allowed to dress however we want or identify however we chose. Like Rakus there died a woman but in this realm he chose to be a man”. I turned and looked at the short kinky haired Rakus. He smiled lightly at me as if he had heard our conversation. I looked away quickly, “That is so cool”, I whispered. “I know , right”, Dave smirked.

The car glided to a stop in front of a tall building which was bustling with activity. There were many people walking in and out of the place chatting and laughing. I have never seen so many-colored heads before. “What’s with all the hair colors? Will my hair change”, I asked warily. “Only of you want it to,” Rakus said from beside me, “Come, we need to have you registered and settled”. I followed him as he walked briskly away, Mark waved as he continued in the car. Registration was the usual, finger prints and a picture then I was given a small card that I was told was my resident card. On it was my name, age, soul type.. temporary?

“Rakus, why is my soul type listed as temporary?” I asked. Rakus shared a glance with Dave, they seemed to exchange some non verbal communication before he turned to me,”Harry will explain to you, we are heading to his office now”. I nodded wondering why it had to be Harry to tell me, I was instantly on guard again and it must have shown in my demeanor because Dave suddenly placed him arm around my shoulders and squeezed slightly, a gesture of assurance I guessed.

We went into an elevator and Rakus selected floor 18. The ride was comfortably silent, exiting the elevator we walked past what looked like a reception area with no one at the desk and got to a huge wooden door that Rakus pushed open and we walked into a large ornate office. It had high ceilings and huge windows which I assumed overlooked the city draped in red blinds. The whole place was decorated in hues of red and black, black leather couches, and various whips and ornaments on the walls that looked erotic and probably pain causing. Harry’s office contrasted deeply with all the white and gold that was everywhere else.”Harry is a vampire, definitely a vampire who is into BDSM”, I muttered to myself and Dave burst out laughing. Rakus just smiled as I gave Dave a dirty look.

“Dammit! what the hell! I cannot do everything that is why there are over 500 guards in this realm”, I heard his voice before I heard the thump of his boots as he walked into the door  shouting at a small person that was walking fast behind him with huge glasses on their face. “Sir,” the person started and then paled and froze looking at all of us in the office. “Sir, I promise I did not let them in. Dave do you want me fired?” The lady by her soft voice glared at Dave. Harry took us all in one glance and looked up as if he was praying for patience. “Mary you are dismissed, take care of that issue, Dave , Rakus, what the hell! I really don’t want to deal with this issue right now”, He walked behind the huge black desk and perched his huge frame in his seat. He looked like the lord of the underworld in his black wife beater in that huge chair. I felt a little hurt to be referred to as an issue, and to think I thought he was handsome first time I saw him. I frowned and  crossed my arms over my chest and licked my cheek.

“Well,” Dave started,”All guest houses are full so Timon kind of has to stay at your place because you are the only one with a big enough house. Rakus let’s go.” they all but run out of the office leaving me standing there with my resident card in my hand and what looked like a pissed off Harry staring at the door as if willing it to spit back out the two men who just rushed out. My stomach growled again and I felt heat on the tips of my  ears as he turned his yellowish brown eyes towards me.  I coughed nervously, I hoped he fed me before he threw me out because he looked as likely to house me as he was to pluck his bushy eyebrows.

To be continued…

PS: Chapter 2 is slightly edited 🙂