Pieces of my heart

I wrote a poem
about us

actually three

I tore them up
the ink smudged my fingers
a trickle of blood from a paper cut
These are the pieces of my heart

The first one was about you
my understanding of why we couldn’t be

I tore it up aggressively
into tiny jagged pieces
the pieces of my heart
I let them disperse in the wind

The second one was about me
and why I still feel like this
Why I shouldn’t choose loose ropes
while dangling at the edge of a cliff

I tore it into four uneven pieces
but I couldn’t let them go
the pieces of my heart

The third poem was about us
caught up in this chaos called life

We will definitely find love
if not with each other
with the one we were meant for

This one I tore carefully
in my hands ended two neat pieces
the pieces of my heart

I will go back and patch it up

broken heart love sad
Photo by burak kostak on Pexels.com