The Killer in Naiville

21st October 2018 NEWS: 14 unsolved murders in Naiville, Ninitown.

In our top news today, another body has been found this morning by the dumpsite in Naiville, Ninitown. The woman believed to be in her 30’s is the 14th victim to be found. No name has been released yet but the state of the corpse according to the police is the same M.O. as the other victims that have been found in the recent weeks. It is unclear if the murder victims have anything in common, but so far, the only thing tying them together is that all these women had been seen with high ranking politicians or famous businessmen either in the past or recently before their deaths. This reporter thinks we have a serial killer on the loose, but the police are playing the cards close to their chests. We advise everyone, especially women, to avoid walking alone late at night.


Tommy hummed as the news report ended. He disliked driving on this road at night seeing as the fantastic view is veiled by darkness. It was a lonely highway, high in the Rift Valley escarpment, the lights of the nearby City of Naiville becoming dimmer and smaller as he drove further west. Trucks zoomed past struggling to get to their destinations, the drivers cursing the night travel ban knowing they will have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay off the police so that they can keep moving. Tommy and his precious cargo were in no hurry, going at moderate speed on the climbing lane.

“Such a good girl”, he cooed at the woman seated on the passenger seat as he touched her thigh. Soothing instrumental music flowed within the car as the stereo automatically switched from the radio to the expensive music system he had installed in the pick-up truck. He sighed in pleasure, settling his palms back comfortably on top of the steering wheel. He looked over at the woman as she stared ahead a small smile playing on her pouty red lips. She wasn’t his usual type but when he saw her, he had decided to try something different this week. A different flavor he might say, he licked his lips in anticipation of what she would taste like. Her dainty hands with short nails coated teal were on her lap, bound together by a thick white plastic rope. Her high heels were placed neatly on the floor of the car next to her bare petite feet. Her toes were coated a glossy black that looked strikingly good against her dark chocolate skin tone. He wondered why her fingers and toes were painted in different colors and why women insisted on wearing those highly uncomfortable shoes.

Tommy picked up his victim outside The Brigenaski Hotel in Ninitown twenty minutes ago. It was a popular high-end restaurant where the who is who went to get away from the have-nots of Ninitown. He was sitting in his pickup truck going over a list of targets when he saw her. The woman was walking between the parked cars swaying slightly as if drunk or tired from a scandalous rendezvous. In a moment of impulse, he had approached her and quickly grabbed her right arm then whispered in her ear that he was kidnapping her. She had looked at him with a small smile and easily surrendered to his forceful grip.

She didn’t struggle or try to scream and run, not that she could have in those ridiculous shoes. He had walked her to the passenger side of his pick-up truck where he had proceeded to bind her hands and snap her seat belt in place, “safety first”, he said his usual joke as soon as he did that, and the lady had smiled. At least she got the joke, he liked smart females. His special safety belt, that looked more like a harness, kept his victims nicely held in place. He hated when they squirmed and writhed distracting him from his driving. Typically, he would have their mouths gagged too but this time he felt no need to do that because the docile woman was yet to make a peep. Tommy couldn’t wait to make her scream.

 The fates were on his side as it was a dark, moonless night, so he didn’t see much need to be discreet. Tommy was happy that his victim was being cooperative. He sneaked a glance at the woman as he turned right into the dirt road that led to his secluded house in the woods. It was so cliché, considering what he did in his spare time, that he lived in a dark cabin in the woods. Only his wasn’t a cabin but more of a mansion in the woods. His parents came from old colonial money and he had inherited quite the fortune from the old geezers. He would be able to live fully and extravagantly for the rest of his life without having to lift a finger.

The sperm donor and his wife were rotting somewhere in an underground cellar in the vast estate. They never knew that Tommy had known all along the truth about his birth. The social climber that looked the other way turned out to have a dessert for a womb, so the discarded bastard had to be unearthed. Tommy didn’t bother to accord them a funeral seeing that they did not bother to give his mother a proper burial even though they caused her death. It was suicide, but that did not mean that they didn’t cause it. No one could have survived the emotional trauma they put the poor woman through. To be raped then paraded in the media as a whore who wanted more money than she was worth. All while he was in her womb, it was a miracle that he survived. They found her hanging in the hospital room, Tommy sleeping peacefully in his cot with a long letter and newspaper cutouts beneath his little head.

Tommy gave a rehearsed and tearful speech to the press about his parents wish to be cremated in private. The stupid police didn’t ask to see their bodies because honestly money could buy you anything and he had lots of it. Tommy has made sure to give the investigative arm of the police department quite a donation every Christmas since. With no other known relatives to poke their nose into his business, the dead were not able to tell their tale.

Tommy drove slowly into the estate after putting in the code at the gate. He waited patiently for the gasp that came from all his victims when they saw the massive grounds and the extravagant house but the woman in the passenger seat just sat there looking out the window on her face, a calm small smile. “No matter, she will be screaming soon”, Tommy muttered as his smirk turned into a sinister smile.

His popularity and money were what helped him get his victims so easily. The women he hunted fell for looks, power, and money and they didn’t mind whom they had to step on to get rich. He stood at a height of 6.2 with moderately defined muscles, a sharp handsome face covered by light brown skin and slightly pink full lips. He attracted them like doves and before they understood what was happening they were being gutted.

Tommy drove into the underground parking lot seeing that he wasn’t going out for a couple of days with the homework he had brought with him. He reached over to sniff the woman, she smelled like whiskey and a hint of cigars, two of his favorite things. He leaned over and grabbed her head then slowly licked her from the shoulder blade to her hairline. She did not recoil in disgust or try to move away. Tommy hesitated, was she high?

 “Are you high, ” he asked, she looked at him, her deep green eyes twinkling in the ground parking lights and slowly shook her head. Tommy wondered if she was mute as well, if she was, this was not going to be fun at all. He liked his women screaming and begging as he mutilated and raped them. He grabbed her face and kissed her roughly, still no reaction and no sound from the woman. He grimaced at the taste of her lipstick and quickly got out of the pickup truck wiping his lips, went to the passenger side undoing the harness he smoothly lifted her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He walked through the door in the underground parking that led into his house, dropped her unceremoniously on the couch, and went to the kitchen.

He paced back and forth in the large room, filled with cooking appliances that were rarely used. Running a hand through his coarse kinky hair, he wondered what he was going to do with the mute and weird woman on his living room couch. This was not going according to plan. He reached down his pants and felt his flaccid cock with a sigh, by now he would have been rock hard and ready to go. He wanted, no needed them to scream, beg, and gurgle in pain for him to get off, and this made him royally pissed and sexually frustrated. Maybe he could play one of the videos from the others, she couldn’t hide the pain and horror on her face even if she was mute, right? At least her pain filled face and the screams from the previous videos would help, right? Tommy thought that was a good idea, he walked with determined strides back to the living room and picked up his favorite video from the shelf. With the woman and the video in his arms, he went to his favorite destination, the underground cellars.

The first thing you saw after the heavy door of the cellar swung open was the rotting corpses bound to steel chairs. His ‘mum’ had cried for him to release them while his sperm donor asked him to stop ‘this foolishness’. Tommy cut their wrists vertically and watched them bleed into huge bowls placed beneath their hands. Tommy kept the bodies there to scare and distract his victims as he prepared himself. He had sprayed the corpses with a combination of formaldehyde and methanol which made the stench of their decomposition quite minimal. He didn’t understand why people, especially from Ninitown, feared dead bodies. They were dead! What can a dead person do to you? Beat you with their rotting flesh? Tommy didn’t believe in spirits and ghosts, the things that haunted the living were very much alive and breathing.

Tommy stripped the woman and thought she looked beautiful naked standing in the middle of the room with her hands bound. Her dark skin glowed, red kinky hair was styled in short locks with colorful beads, and he assumed she waxed because she had no hair anywhere else on her body. That small smile on her face had started to fascinate him and Tommy was sad that soon she would be nothing but shreds of flesh. He briefly wondered if he should have gone his usual route of getting to know the victim personally before gutting them like a fish. It seemed a waste to kill this mute woman, he could have convinced her to be an accomplice. Maybe they could have pulled a Bonnie and Clyde kind of thing. Her lack of reaction to everything fascinated him, even with the nasty bruise developing under her left eye where he had struck her in frustration, she stood there naked and smiling. He wondered what her name was.

“What is your name?” Tommy asked. Those green eyes moved from taking in her soundings to him and she tilted her head slightly to the left like a puppy and smiled widely this time showing white pearly teeth. The smile looked very creepy, to be honest, and Tommy took a step back not sure how to proceed. The weird, probably high, mute woman continued to take in her surroundings, her eyes staying a bit longer on him when their eyes met, then to his parents’ bodies, and the dry bloody tools that were littered on the table.

Tommy never cared to clean his tools, they were only going to get dirty again, and he always took precaution not to get in contact with the blood. You never knew what diseases people were carrying around these days. The place was starting to have a small stench though and Tommy grimaced thinking about what a bother it would be to clean, it had been a while since he sprayed the corpses and he needed to do that too.

“Who smiles in such a situation?”, Tommy wondered as he looked around his torture chambers.

For the first time since he started his revenge scheme, Tommy wasn’t too sure about what to do and it was making him antsy. This was the second time he was going against the script, he had steps that he followed meticulously to achieve his outcomes. He had skipped his first step this time, true, but by now this woman was supposed to be terrified and begging to be let go. He was supposed to handle her roughly, undress her, beat her, and tie her to the table. He was then supposed to cut her up a bit and then rape her while she was bloody and screaming, then drop her off at a hospital in the outskirts of a nearby random town. Tommy remembered with a cold shiver how the other week he had gone a little too far with the chocking. His victim had been quite feisty and foul-mouthed, and he somehow ended up with a dead body. The recent murders in Ninitown had been an excellent cover for his mistake. He had to modify the corpse a bit to fit the M.O. and he was very impressed with his work. No one as far as he knew had suspected anything.

He didn’t notice he had zoned out and when he looked back at the woman, his mind was made up to proceed as usual. He jumped as her eyes seemed to twinkle and were much closer to his own. That is when he realized that she was unbound and standing right in front of him.


24, Oct 2018 NEWS: 15 unsolved murders in Naiville, Ninitown.

In our top news today, a body has been found this morning by the dumpsite in Ninitown. The body of the man is the 15th unsolved murder case in the Naiville area. The state of the body according to the police is the same M.O. as the other victims who have been found recently and it has left the police quite baffled. There is speculation that there might be a copycat killer on the loose now targeting men. Though unofficial, this reporter has reason to believe that the man found today in the morning was Tommy Hahnville the adopted son of the late Billionaires Bonny and Evan Hahnville. We will tell you more as the story unfolds.