Crush Cycle

The nerd always fell for the jock,

It was just the way things worked,

The nerd hides behind her hair and sneaks looks at his table at lunch,

she hopes that he would be at least one of the people she bumps into in the corridors,  and he holds her arm for a bit before he let’s go,

she hopes that the ball that got her out of turn during dodge ball would come from his hand,

her jock aimed her less hard than the rest, the ball barely tapped her and she is grateful to leave the space,

her jock sometimes peeped back at her during lunch and gave her a small smile,

or at least that what she tells herself as she looks down to her food fast,

Oh who was she kidding, guys like that don’t fall for nerds like her,

she wasn’t even sure she wanted him to.

The jock looked up and as always the little nerd was sneak peeking at him,

she was so cute in her wide rimmed glasses, always hiding her face under her brown hair,

He made sure to take his nerd out first during dodge ball so that she wouldn’t get hurt,

He always seemed to bump into her in the corridors, Its like she had a super power of tripping over air,

He got to touch her arm at least twice a day as he steadied her before she scurried off to wherever she was headed,

He wondered if his smart nerd would mind spending time with a jock like him,

the jock always fell for the nerd,

It was just the way things worked.

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