Thank you Shivamt25 for our photo prompt this week!

I drew in a deep breath and headed towards the booth at the corner. Our booth, the booth we met in exactly two years ago today. It had been two months with no contact from him. At first I thought he was busy but then after three days of unanswered calls I got the message. It hurt, what did I do wrong? what was it that made him leave without a goodbye? Then I saw him in the street yesterday in his arm a shockingly beautiful brunette. He texted me that evening.

 I got to the booth burning for a confrontation. “What is this”, I asked aloud at the sight of an empty booth and a familiar pair of sunglasses on top of a coffee mug. “Hey, he left those here for you, he said sorry he can’t keep them”, the waitress said not looking me in the eye. I sat down heavily, tears threatening to spill, staring at the gifts I got him for his birthday three months ago.



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