Too late…

She tried to see ahead,

the fog seemed to grow thicker with each step she took.

She stood and took in a sharp cold breath.

She was finally here.

She listened careful to the air and heard only her beating heart.

No one had come.

She had hoped they would call into the darkness after her.

When they didn’t call, She had hoped they would show up.

She had said where she was going, it was no secret her intention.

They just watched silently as she talked.

She had hoped even one person will say ‘stay’.

She stood there and looked as far as her eyes could see,

and counted from 1000 to 1,

still not a sound.

Her heart sunk to her stomach.

Letting go of her bag, she climbed the rail and jumped.

As the darkness engulfed her being,

she heard familiar voices calling out her name.




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