A cool poem I found

On Sunday
My best #friend turned 20
And my other best friend
Got a phone call and suddenly
The party was over.
On Sunday
A girl my best friend was close to
Had an #accident on the highway
Her parents died
She didn’t.

On Sunday
I felt no ache
Only a dullness
And a wave of sympathy
That I swallowed with a glass of water and my words.

On Sunday
Everyone cried
And though I held them close
And my shirt turned translucent with their tears
I didn’t feel a thing.
On Sunday
I realized I was detached without being indifferent
The sadness came a while later
But only for the pain I saw
On my best friend’s face.

On Sunday
I acknowledged
It had everything to do
With the fact that I’d never really liked
The girl whose #parents died

On Sunday
I questioned my #sanity
My conscience and my compassion
And looked for a hole in my chest –
There was none.
On Sunday
I learned that
I didn’t have to fake grief
Or magic a phantom hole in my chest
I learned that
Sometimes, it’s okay to feel loss
And still not be moved to tears by it
I learned that
Love is non transferable
(I didn’t love the girl – I won’t love the girl)
I learned that
Compassion sometimes means
Loving the people you can love
And forgiving yourself if you can’t love the rest
I learned that
My stoicism didn’t make me a monster
And grief didn’t need to be wrapped in sparkly paper
For all the world to see

On Sunday
My friend grieved
And as I held him and helped him heal
I knew
That restraint was a form of compassion too.

by @tanvimonadeshmukh


#poetry #art #love #pain #life

Poem found here >>  artparasitesofficial


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