At peace.  

I am in my rural home right now in the western part of Kenya. A small border town called Busia on the Uganda-Kenya border. It feels so good to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, breathing in clean air, having a quiet night.  The best part of cause is hanging out with my folks.  I tend to use all my days off work to travel to be with them because now that they are older,  and growing older each day, I know that I have a limited amount of time with them.  I cherish them and wish them good health and a long life. 

It also gives me great Joy to see my daughter interact with her grand parents.  That is something I didn’t get to enjoy. My paternal grand parents were long gone before I was born and there were issues on the other side.  One of the challenges here though is that you have to draw a very clear line that you are the parent and some decisions are your sole discretion. Most times you find your roles overlapping and it’s cool. 

Well, I shall be spending my Easter here cooking and cleaning and sharing laughter with my people.  

I hope you have a lovely Easter.  

Unfortunately,those guys up there will not live past the season 😁😁


6 thoughts on “At peace.  

  1. My parents are in their mid-80s and their health is declining, especially my Dad’s, so my wife and I are planning a visit sometime next week.

    My children are all adults, and I’ve been so happy they’ve been able to grow up with grandparents. My wife’s parents have been deceased for decades, so my folks are the only grandparents my children have known. They’ve even seen their great-grandson.

    The only grandparent I ever really knew was my Mom’s Dad. He died when I was 16. I’m glad my own parents continue to have a loving relationship with my children.

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    1. It is indeed a blessing! Your children and their children are so lucky to have you and your folks. I wish them good health and happiness in their twilight years. Happy Easter James.


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