Inside the Vents


My son keeps talking into the vents. At first I thought it was cute but now I am getting worried.

My friends tell me it is exotic the way he blends in with nature talking to birds and trees. That it is so nice that he can keep himself company and let me do my chores. I just smile widely and accept their compliments, but deep inside I feel that there is something a miss.

One night I heard a noise that made me cringe. I heard him shout in the dead of night and immediately I sprang to my feet and rushed towards his room. At the door I hesitated because suddenly it was dead silent. I heard what sounded like shuffling of feet.

“I know she is at the door”

“I can’t, you cant have her, I love her”

“Why can’t we all just be together, I can love you both equally, well I love mum more because she feeds me and stuff”




“*sigh* I don’t want to come…”



I started backing away from the door slowly into the hallway. My heart beat so hard I am sure someone could hear if they were close enough.

“Dont leave mum, don’t leave me in here with them”

I heard my son’s voice beseeching me.

But a mother knows her child and that voice, that wasn’t him.  

Without a second thought I ran away into the darkness . It was so strange how the night and darkness felt safe, almost welcoming, as I ran without looking back. 

When I finally convinced the police to come home with me we found him gone, My baby was gone without a trace! 

I was arrested and charged with murder but without a body the case didn’t go far and soon I was released and back to my house.  After six months the search was called off. It has been a year since I last saw my son. It has been a year since I was invited anywhere for brunch. It has been a year since I became the leper of the town.

Many nights I sit staring at the vent in my sons room. His room is exactly the way we found it, the way he left it , the night he disappeared. I keep on thinking that I hear someone breathing when it is really quiet but maybe it’s just me being sleep deprived.

Each day I started moving closer to it, calling my son’s name. Going down I put my ear to the vent but I hear only wind like sounds. It has become a tradition for me to call him and listen to the vent each night before I sleep. It feels oddly comforting hearing the same sounds everyday.  

Today I called him and I knelt down as usual to listen to the calming wind. My ear met death silence and I knew.

“Give me back my son”, I shouted into the vent

*sound of feet shuffling*

“Ready or not, here we come.” 



I was trying to be scary 😀 I will appreciate comments.



4 thoughts on “Inside the Vents

  1. I used to live in a house where for all winter, we heard the sound of a frog croaking. The thing got inside somehow and was kept alive by the warm air. Must have been enough incests in there to eat. Eventually, the frog noises ceased. Wonder if he just left or if he perished?

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