My daughter the missionary

My daughter left my arms,

She travelled to a faraway land to spread the word,

While I gave her a mothers blessing,

My heart sang another story,

Tears streamed laced with knowledge,

That many were to gain through her company that I lost,

That the warmth of her chest many will feel,

And through her who I helped grow,

The word of peace and love will spread,

I know she will meet many nations,

And in times of loneliness when things seem bleak,

I pray she finds those who will hold her close,

And in times of merciless violence,

I hope she finds peace and stays in one piece,

That no one will ever tell me,

“She knew the risks going in”

That no one will ever come to my door,

 “We need a DNA sample”

That no one will ever write on my wall,

“She is a martyr, a victim of circumstance”

That she will stay happy,

Knowing that every breath I take,

My heart yearns and aches,

And always my arms wait,

To embrace the woman she continues to become.



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