Wordle #148: Taking Over

Tongue in cheek, I said I was in love,

I didn’t think it heavy, what is someones’ heart?

throwing that word out there, got me inside the circle,

to get out of the gutter, I was willing to skin a razor,

the flesh dies anyway, why not use it while it is still warm,

under the bed-sheets, information was instant,

infiltration a success, I was helpless at greed’s feet,

I began to meander in passages not meant for dainty feet,

I bought allegiances here and there, 

and soon the owner noticed things were going amiss,

assailed by doubt, between the sheets he whispered,

told me what he would do to that insect, once he had it in his grasp,

I gasped as he tugged and bit at my flesh in horrific passion,

what if he knew the insect was in his hand, right under his thumb,

I felt death tickling my feet,

I was the queen of creativity on how to real in the rouge,

I didn’t have to imagine what I would go through, once the mediocre king stumbled on the truth,

So that night, I stayed awake and plotted,

One thing was very clear,

Two bulls couldn’t reign in one pen.




Wordle #148 “March 27th, 2017″



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