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At first it was for camouflage,

I wanted to blend in, because being different left you abandoned,

To enter the clique of mirabilis, you had to be plausibly cool, 

You had to be the same as all to be termed good,

I didn’t notice when I started to overgrow,

I started to be a bit too odd doodling life my way,

I didn’t notice when like a lone old tree, I was left out to rot,

One day I looked up and I was alone, covered from head to toe,

I used to be the lucida of the troupe, now they have left me to droop,

They showed their bald hypocrisy when they accused me of being flawed,

After I did all that they said, I was now not fit to fit in,

They said I went too far, But non of them had tried to reel me back,

So now I am here over grown.

Someone said I need an apotropac, to help me shed all the un-me in me,

But the more they chatter,

The more I like this me that they say is so un-me. 


Wordle #144 “February 27th, 2017″

Photo Challenge #154

Mirabilis ((adj.) wondrous, remarkable, amazing)

Lucida (the brightest star in a constellation)

Apotropaic ((adj.) Intended to ward off evil.)

Art by – Can Pekdemir

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