Master Reset


Zoom zoom Zzzzzzz, the bikes zoom past in unison. It is always such a treat to be here during this festival, so many people in the same place drawn by their mutual awe of being alive. I wanted so much for them to see me and someone to at least try to stop me. At least try and make a bargain. Unfortunately, humanity had slowly but surely left its path and it was time for a reset. It was an unpleasant task but someone has to do the dirty work.

Weaving the signs, I chanted the incantation by heart like I had done centuries and centuries back. I watched the portal open. They felt nothing when their souls started leaving their bodies. One by one each soul entered the door.Β Soon the earth will regenerate and maybe last a few centuries more.Β 


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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sunayana with MoiPensieve. Thank you Su!


23 thoughts on “Master Reset

  1. Love the idea of a reset – so many things we can go do right – but we need to remember – hope you left some memory and at least a bit of Joy! Really remarkable idea my friend – you write from the heart and I know you have the loveliest by far from the stories you tell.

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    1. Read it. Yes, you did some good research. I felt like I was in a science class / sci-fi movie. Have you ever thought of writing Non fiction stories? I think you would be great at it.


      1. That hadn’t actually occurred to me. By day, I work as the technical writer for a software company. I’ve also written a number of self-study and textbooks in technical areas. This is my latest one.

        Actually, I did write a four-part series on a religious topic for a magazine almost five years ago, but that’s a rarity for me. At that blogspot, I do write non-fiction, but on the topic of looking at Christianity through a Jewish lens.

        That’s probably not what you have in mind, though.

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      2. Wow, interesting job. Tomorrow I will check them out, (it’s night here and I need to make dinner) and then send you some links to some cool non fiction pieces I have read before.


      1. He is my favourite writer. He kills off major characters in the plot. If you like someone be rest assured they will die. He is the writer of Game of Thrones. Thanks James for coming to the rescue.


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