Mother Grim


I peek through a crack in time,

Wrapped in darkness I send my grim out through the narrow slit,

I keep it open just enough to see the world beyond,

I am always curious of what my sons shall bring,

Today I watch them reap to the sound of blackbird, a song sung by great men during their time,

I have seen men born and watched them die,

At the end it’s the same scream, “Please more time”,

It’s never enough the voluminous seconds they watch tick by,

Madly they scavenge for morsels today, tomorrow, over-morrow,

They forget seconds count forward, every sun that sets makes the chain tighter,

As the circle grows smaller my grim prowls, lurking in the shadows waiting for him who shall stumble,

As mothers sons are whisked away, they cry that they should have loved more, hugged more, cherished more,

They put the blame on zenosyne as they weep for mercy,

Somehow they fail to see that they themselves didn’t use what was given wisely,

They didn’t notice their shadow growing longer, till they became the late,

Now stuck in a whirlwind of regret, they still cry for more time.




12 thoughts on “Mother Grim

  1. This is the best poem I have read about mortality and spending it wisely. About human greed and nature. The perspective from which it has been written aggrandizes the meaning, because it makes the entire behavior universal in both scope and ages. Wonderful stuff.

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