Stuck in the dark… 

I get scared in the dark, Charlie knows this,  I don’t like keeping my eyes shut for too long. My eyes feel red and swollen, I think they are,  I can’t see well. I can’t remember the last time I slept or ate. He said I am always on my phone,  but It’s the only place I find refuge delving in the lives of people I know I will never meet. I don’t see what the problem is. They give me an escape from what is just beyond the light of the screen. 

Sometimes I stand up and bang at the door. Surely Charlie must hear me. I ask him to turn on the light. Sometimes I hear steps just above my head as if someone is pacing sometimes softly, sometimes erratic. I keep on banging the door. Surely he must hear me. He said he was coming back in five minutes, well he must have gone to get us pizza. I guess…  

When I get tired of standing at the door I go back to my phone and try to text him but non of my texts go through. It’s so cold down here I wonder when Charlie is coming back.. 

 Tale Weaver – 105


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