The Curtain has fallen

About the Picture

When we arrived at the gates,

They pushed us back with the Shaft of a spear,

Through a glaze of tears Kudoclasic fantasies played slowly,

All we could do is somaticize locked up in detention,

All the things we had hoped and planned for,

One too many a mothers’ pain not knowing if they will see their child again,

Every one of us stripped naked for the eye of the self declared all mighty,

Even the Sparrow on migration has tightened it’s wing,

Not knowing if it can return to its nest,

The people who once welcomed us have turned into a deadbolt,

Was the love they showed just an electrifying performance?

Was it just a show and the curtains have finally closed,

Day after Day, we wait to know our fate,

If we will have to seek asylum from the place we called home.

But there are those fighting tooth and nail for us, 

Those who will risk it all even being called aberrant chromosomes,

Those who won’t sit back and let history repeat itself. 

week-140.pngWordle #140 “January 30th, 2016”


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