Here lies Love…


They stood staring at everything but each other,

What was to be said had been uttered punctuated with stutters,

There was nothing more to have or to hold,

Their shadows separate in the light, in the dark almost merged to one,

Their union so sweetly illicit, the law didn’t permit,

They had decided to live, so love had to die. 


Photo Challenge #148: Artist – Anja Bührer


8 thoughts on “Here lies Love…

  1. poignant tale of forbidden love, I have been mulling this over after I read it and been so sensitive to conversation or bits of information that seem to highlight this topic intensely to me. I saw a movie trailer that asked what would you do if you had to live in a world where love was forbidden and I shuddered to think if I could. your poetry is hauntingly beautiful.

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