FFfAW: The Lady on the top floor.

ffw shivangoi.jpg

A few whistles greeted her presence as she stepped onto the balcony. She quickly wrapped a robe around her pale slender frame and pouted. “Did we wake you up Sweery”, a familiar tenor erupted from somewhere followed by male giggles. I rolled my eyes.

“Hi Jake, so you finally decided to cut the only thing shielding me from the morning rays?”, she responded to the giggles, “We thought a little sunlight will be good for you Miss Dracula.” More laughter as our eyes locked then she retreated back to her apartment.

That was a nickname, I learnt, that stuck on her because of her nocturnal behaviors. I knew that she suspectedΒ who I was and what I was here for. My attention back to the falling tree, I needed to be ready. #132


Thank you Shivangi for our photo prompt! For more about this challengeΒ clickΒ HERE




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