Wordle #138: Sold


A dross is how my mum described him, the day my heart ran with my so called crush,

throwing my ears at her feet, At 18 I didn’t doubt my feelings.

He promised jobs and money in a land beyond the sea, The harbinger of doom I refused to see,

They asked me to reconsider but he could provide that which my folks couldn’t, bread to fill my ever empty belly, 

Oh this man could serenade a serpent out its hole, he filled our emptiness with red berries of yew, with time my parents consented. For their trouble, a few shillings were poured to their name.

I promised to write every week, my savior promised to keep me ever green,

…off we went.

The long trudge was barely what was promised, My honor prickled with horror as my innocence was poured to the dogs to fund our so called voyage. 


“Sit right, I paid too much to have you squirm little bitch”, His vile breath gagged my response in my throat, the flower was brutally plucked and trampled to nothingness.

“People would pay double for a girl so green“, I heard him brag as he collected what he was owed, or what I owed, for the papers, for the food, for the parents.

From then I knew what to do to clear my debt, generous tips were awarded for tears shed. Their demands just a Psittacism.

Indifference slowly creeped inward, I grew accustomed to the rhythm, mechanically serving one devious master after another. Soon a new model had to be found, Clients don’t ride the same saddle too long.

When they found her, even her toes had turned black, The river within her frothed through her lifeless body emptying at the mouth. 

They said it was a drug overdose, just another junkie whose parents would never admit to, she was just three blocks away from her home. 


 Follow link for more about the challenge: Words used 1. Yew 2. Harbinger 3. Dross 4. Pour 5. Crush 6. Trudge 7. Prickle 8. Green 9. Inward 10. Psittacism 11. Toes 12. Froth

Photograph from huffingtonpost.com


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