Eulogy… double take


I watched him silently as he shook slightly from the sobs that rocked his large frame. People past by him gently touching his shoulder as they went. But I was more curious about the piece of paper in his hand. In it, I figured was what he was going to say to the guests after the charade is over. I wondered what my killer had to say about me at my funeral.

He stood up slightly staggering and someone was up quickly to stabilize him. I rolled my eyes. He walked slowly to the podium and looked up. His eyes were red and swollen, I wanted to pluck them out so bad. He opened his mouth slightly then closed it again and a wave of sighs swept through the room. “Fucking idiots,” I murmured under my breath.

He started, “My wife was a goo-d-u-um good woman and don none of you ever forget that”.

“Quite the jolly”, I said

“She did her duty and she loved unconditionally”,

“Yeah I remember how unconditionally I loved you, tell them about how you watched me die”

“We met in college when I was just a boy and she a girl”

“Yeah, you did enjoy breaking me in didn’t you?”

“And we just hit it off, we talked about the future, kids”

“Don remember anything about me being dead”

“We bought this piece of land with a loan she got from her first job”

You arm twisted me you little prick”

“And we never looked back ever since”

“Do you even know where I come from?”

“We were never blessed with any kids, God knows how bad we wanted them”

“How bad I wanted them, there was nothing wrong with me! Tell them the truth!”

Sobs, sniffs, sighs.

“Eye roll”

“But she was always strong and positive, never complained”

“Because you are a manipulative beast, I believed it was my fault”

“Then this sickness came and we honestly don’t know how”

“Eye roll”

“She was diagnosed six months ago and from there it was just downhill”

“You knew! You knew! You always knew.”

“Now that she is gone, I shall carry on living, I know that’s what she would have wanted”

Sighs and Nods.

He walked off the stage and kissed my corpse. No one saw the fleeting smug look on his face… 

I watched him sit and sniff, the little scumbag.  For ten years he was on ARV’s, not once did he tell me he was infected. 


Photo Challenge #144

Image by – Natalia Drepina


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