My View


I always wanted a better view from my window. Maybe some mountains covered with frost and a shadow of a wild animal here and there among the trees. But no, I was blessed with blaring horns and chatter from tourists as they passed through the canal heading down or up stream to whatever adventure they had planned for.Β 

I always thought I could be one of them. One of these days on my vacation, I will walk down the dock and get a ticket. While at it, maybe a wide brimmed hat and some cargo pants. Then I would get into the boat, with a camera hanging at my breast, and sit at the far corner hoping no one sits next to me.Β 

I looked at the tickets stashed in my desk drawer bought at many a split moment of desire for adventure. Shrugging, I log on to the bus site and buy a ticket. I would rather laze around with my folks for two weeks.Β 



This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

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31 thoughts on “My View

  1. I can’t but feel sorry for him/her as he/she wants to go on an adventure on the boats but ends up deciding to go home again. There is nothing wrong with wanting to go home and visit but seems he is avoiding his dreams. Great story!

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  2. Decades ago, I lived in San Francisco and took full advantage of all the sights and experiences, including tour boats with various destinations in the Bay. Kind of reminded me of that experience, especially when I living within walking distance of the Palace of the Legion of Honor, which many years ago, hosted a collection of rare Dresden porcelain.

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  3. Lol. Funny tale Joy. I think the experience of being so near those tourists all the time scared her off, and yes, probably more comfortable to be at home with Mom and Dad. Great job.

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  4. Visiting parents for your holidays/vacations is always nice to do. My husband and I, with our children, spent many holidays doing that. But we also love to see other places – though not those on our doorstep. I can understand your character being fed up of seeing tourists flocking onto the cruise ships everyday and how that would put her off going herself. Home would Definitely be more peaceful.

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