Wordle #137: Hooked

With him I would finally enact, my dream as a little girl to walk down the isle.

His actions laced with parapraxis kept me sated, The meager spark he showed day to day left me hopeful.

After every tear, I look at bridal catalogs and pics of little feet on google pics. 

I never saw it coming, the day I became used to this scapegrace, the lies and deceit my nicotine.

Every once in a while, red eyed, I pray to get out of this gelatinous fusion of grief.

But every time the opportune presents, I digress.

At the tip of my tongue sit mealy excuses, ready to be spat at anyone who dared ask why.

They taste queasy as they leave my lips, a bit salty combined with the lies that I tell myself.

Always I look at the door, all I need to do is walk out and never look back. 



Wordle #137 “January 9th, 2016”


12 thoughts on “Wordle #137: Hooked

  1. “I never saw it coming, the day I became used to this scapegrace, the lies and deceit my nicotine.” Oh how I adored that line. The whole tale so sad, and heart rendering because we know this fiction for us is someone’s reality. Excellent take on the prompt words.

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