Wordle #130: Acedia of Love.

The rathskeller was the only pace we could meet, the board at the door had a scrawl of something meant to be a love poem. It looked more like a walrus, always bringing a chuckle to my throat.

Illegally mine, always told me that we were the last cinders of hope that two people can stay true. That we would pull the crowd to believe that there was such a thing, as true love,our smiles would be striking and they would wonder how, these two live a life only told in fairy tales. I always smiled and kissed those words away, because they were ruining this moment we had before I had to leave and head back to legally mine.

What illegally mine didn’t know, was that legally mine was onto his dealings against his foundation and it was just a matter of time before he turned up in a body bag. Our illicit love was nothing but a fake, a distraction as we took over his empire.

Lying next to legally mine, I am now just but a clump. I realized that little by little I had also caught the acedia of love. That illicit love was a fake that almost became real.  I asked to be reassigned to administrative duties where it’s do or die, feelings aside.

True love only existed in fictitious characters in books and television, we and them are antipodes. 


Wordle #130 “November 21st, 2016”


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