Tale Weaver #94: A sip of truth.

“If all you had to offer was friendship, who would still be by your side?

When your status and money fade, who would still be there to hold you down,

When being with you is no longer profitable, who would still hand around,

When you are down and sick and depressed, and it’s no longer convenient to hang out,

Who would still come and just sit without a word, just to share in silent communion,

Who would tell you when you are sinking into a hole, who would push your head inside instead because you are not drowning fast enough and they need to move on,

Watch the people who encourage your struggle but are notably absent when you celebrate success,

Those who are never there when you are happy, but arrive at the hint of misery, but not to make you smile, just to drag you down to their level and leave you there,

Does your circle get smaller the more you succeed, do they say that these days you don’t want to hang, you are too busy for them,

If all you had to offer was friendship, who would you still call your friend? 

If you could have a sip of truth, to show you who is true, would you take a mouthful or would you rather not stir those waters? “

She put the bottle of elixir on the table and looked me in the eye.

 “The choice is yours, you know what to do.”


Tale Weaver #94 November 17 Making Sense of Nonsense






13 thoughts on “Tale Weaver #94: A sip of truth.

  1. As for me I wouldn’t have drank it ^_^ it’s good sometimes to see the face of these kind of people, which in turn helps you in bettering yourself by not ressembling these people. Beautiful post.

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  2. No, I would not take the drink. It is a cheap way of putting a smile on their faces. I would rather I live, and they too to see me rise above my dust. Been on that road, and I believe that I am coming to its end soon.

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  3. Too late Joy! I have already sipped the elixir – I have neither money nor status, given up my name and position. I am still absorbing and digesting 😉 Will keep you posted 😀 A thought provoking piece Joy.

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  4. That “WHO” is something we never know. But Truly, I wish Friends were more FRIENDS rather than just Acquaintances.
    I’m scared to think, “If all I had to offer was Friendship”, who would I pick ? I guess no one.
    But I’m sure that “People can pick me”.

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