Let’s start over, Hi I am Joy :-)

My hair is thick, black, with streaks of white,

A nightmare to every comb but worth it when untangled,

I like my nails painted black and my lips bright red,

I consider myself a skin tone darker than mineΒ ,

Just coz, I wish I was darker, not that it bugs,

I wear army boots and trousers, every single day,

and the odd day I wear a dress, I still keep on the boots,

I am happy when people around me succeed,

My heart bleeds with those going though tears,

More-so when I can’t do anything to avert their pain,

I have been told countless times to feel less,

“It’s not your problem, don’t care as much”

But that would be denying a part of me that I hold close,

I cry while watching movies, especially cartoons,

I love Japanese anime, Naruto is my favorite,

I love when good triumphs but I am old enough to know,

that, that is not always the case.

My mantra is “Be you, The world will adjust”.




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