Tale Weaver #92: Scarred

 There was fire everywhere, the smoke was choking her and stinging her eyes. She could hear the kids screaming but she had no way of getting to them, She was trapped, just as she had been for the last ten years. 

It started with a retort of how fat she had become, then a slap if there was no meat served at dinner. Every time he would apologize and tell her he wouldn’t have done it if she wasn’t on the wrong. He said it so many times, she began to believe him.

When the second set of twins came he was furious. He beat her repeatedly asking where she thought the money to take care of her vermin would come from. She cried silently the way she was accustomed. It’s not good for the neighbors to know what was happening inside your home, he told her many times.

The children whimpered in their room unsure of what was happening but knowing that it wasn’t good. When the rain of blows stopped, she would drag herself to her children and they would cry in her arms. She would tell them everything would be fine, but deep down in her heart she knew it was just a matter of time before the worst happened. 

The first thing she heard was the silence. Her mans’ snoring was loud enough to waken a sleeping troll in Mars. She woke up and saw his side of the bed empty. She called out his name and heard nothing. She panicked, at the back of her mind was an inkling that something was up, darting to the door, she found it locked from outside. That is when she smelled it, the undeniable scent of gas in the air. 

In an instant there was fire everywhere, the smoke was choking her and stinging her eyes. She could hear the kids screaming but she had no way of getting to them, She was trapped. Her survival instinct kicked in, swiftly she scampered to the vent that connected their room to the kids room, and crawled through it ignoring the heat threatening to roast her alive. She fell head first into her children’s room, the kids rushed to her side screaming. 

“Mama is here don’t worry”, she soothed them scanning the room thinking fast. The fire had not yet gotten into the room but the door was smoldering. She took their blankets and drenched them in the bathtub fast covering each child in one. “Remember how you have always wanted to jump from your window to the grass outside?” they nodded. “That’s what we are going to do”. She pushed each of her kids out the window, a broken limb could be fixed but life is only given once she thought tearfully. 

She felt a presence behind her as she pushed the last child out and wrists swiftly caught her by the neck. “No, you are dying tonight bitch and your vermin are next!” She could hear people gathered outside and she knew her children would be safe. She spun around fast hitting him in the ribs with her elbow, he doubled down in pain and surprise. “Guess who has been taking self-defense classes you dick!”, She run to her smallest child’s bed and ripped open the pillow reveling a revolver black.38 . “The only bitch dying here tonight is you!”. The people outside barely heard three shots above the sound of the house collapsing under the flames. 

That was three years ago…

When they got her out she was barely alive, she was lucky to be in the children’s room when the house collapsed, otherwise it would have been a different story. The scars in her arms and legs remain a reminder of a horror that was lived and survived. 


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Tale Weaver


18 thoughts on “Tale Weaver #92: Scarred

  1. Wow! Not an easy read, but I couldn’t pull my eyes away. Very well written, felt like I was there with them. Horrendous as the story is, you made it believable – which is sad, but also impressive. A stirring piece. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Harula x

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