FFfAW Challenge – Battle Lost.


We stood there staring at the house through the chain link fence. We had all seen, believing was what we were working on. 

It was a normal morning, a bit on the chilly side. The kids lined up waving at each other as their school buses picked them one by one. My child was the last to go making me the unlucky first respondent of the news. 

A cry pieced the morning chill, Tam ran fast out of the house, I froze.

“She is gone”, she screamed.

My limbs moved fast across the street, into the house, to her room. I had been in there countless times in the past months, praying, feeding, dressing my neighbor and friend. 

Maggie’s lifeless eyes are forever burned in my memory. Her mouth was open, as if trying to catch one last breath. People came, gasped, walked out, leaving me rooted to the spot.

We stood there watching silently as her body was loaded into her blue SUV, her transport to the funeral home. 

Cancer won this one. 


FFfAW Challenge – Week of October 25, 2016 . Thank you Yinglan for our photo prompt!







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