Wordle #126: Diagnosis



Alexithymia was the word that described me, The doctor said, 

After 28 years, I was able to put a name to my bedizen ways,

I understood why I was unable to discard the keepsake crayon from when I was four,

It reminded me of filth, the browned zone at the tip would make me sick, Yet I still kept it.

I knew why they said I was indifferent to others pain, why I was kept apart from the hive since I was five,

It was hard for me to deconstruct emotions expressed by the citizens of the house, I was uncomfortable in crowds, How could I know when to smile or cry?

They said I offered inadequate response to seduction, but I couldn’t decipher the feelings beyond the words. What is love and lust? To me, it’s just morphology.

I suffered from a deficiency unknown, people fear and ridicule what they can’t immediately get,

All this time I was in search of a wraith, trying to remodel a convex in my brain,

Turns out, Alexithymia was the word that described me.


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Wordle #126 “October 24th, 2016”


7 thoughts on “Wordle #126: Diagnosis

  1. You have done a really outstanding job capturing the essence of Alexithymia. I also have this problem. As a writer it seems strange to have a difficult expressing emotions but I write to discover how I am feeling and how I feel about things.

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    1. You are welcome, funny thing I didn’t know of it’s existence until today when I was doing the wordle. I am really glad to learn something new about you 🙂 Keep on writing, It’s amazing how art helps us process things.

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