Dinner, My style.


She stared at the pantry wondering why the hell she agreed to host a dinner party. Cooking wasn’t one of her favorite things, actually she would rather slit her wrists. In a society where cooking is supposed to be innately feminine she wondered if she missed the gene. “Girls are supposed to do this, and should know how to do that”, she rolled her eyes so hard she was sure she felt the optic nerve stretch. 

“Duck it”

She dialed the number, 


“Good evening Joy”,

“The usual please”,

“Coming right up”,

“Make it 12 boxes, I have company”,

“Sure thing, they will be delivered in 30 minutes”.

She pressed the end call button smiling, they will have dinner my style. Mum is gonna be sooooooo pissed though, she chuckled.  


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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Maria with the blog, Doodles and Scribbles. Thank you Maria!

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35 thoughts on “Dinner, My style.

  1. Haha. I love ❤️ it! I can cook a few simple dishes. I’m learning. But my health prevents me from having energy to cook all the time. So it happens, sometimes you order in. I guess when I do cook, I try to cook so I have leftovers for a couple days. Great post!

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    1. Than you, contrary to the post I actually cook everyday, homemade meals are my favorite. But I don’t like the cleaning that comes with dinner parties and things like that, for those I just order in OR hire help for the day. Well, I am sorry about your health issue, if I was near I would make sure to save some food for you ♥

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  2. Not everyone is cut out to be a great cook. Many people – including women – actually hate cooking. I’m pleased you found a happy alternative to spending hours in the kitchen. You never know, Mum might just love a “Takeaway” meal! Fun story, Joy. 🙂

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