Wordle 123: The Urchin of Gutter street.


a chorus that followed me down the streets of Gutter,

scampering on fours with stolen bread betwixt my teeth.


They moved as a chorus these towns folk, to each I extended my pitied dirtied palm,

a glass of water? a bite to eat? Kind Sir…


Nay is the antiphon.


With the twilight I became spectral, moving with the shadow,

I wait for a brawl to snatch a coat, to help me brawl with the chill of snow.

At my solace sole birdcage, I gnaw at my nails, whining for a break.


At dusk I hope for a serving of death or bread this day,

anything to remove me from this bureaucratic inertia of lazzaroni,

but everyday is a crow’s mile with no end.


See link for details on this challenge >> Wordle #123 “October 3rd, 2016”


16 thoughts on “Wordle 123: The Urchin of Gutter street.

  1. Loved it Joy! So very well penned. I have several favorite lines including (but not limited to!) – “brawl with the chill of snow” and “a serving of death or bread this day”. Superb. I was tempted to try this challenge but now….

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