Wordle #127: The Critic.

Still drouk from the previous days film, she wrapped herself in thought.

She had been affected adversely by what she saw and having to write a review of it was even more taxing. After every screening , they had to write a review and suggest how it could be done better. At first it was great seeing her suggestions on-screen, but there was a nag at the back of her brain, an inkling that not all was straight. 

After last night, she was certain that her fears were founded. The films had consistently become extremely grotesque. The acting was too thorough and seamless, you had to be completely daft to think it fiction! The anguish that the actors showed could not be that of a person acting a movie!

The problem now, was how to bring this to the light without a bedraggle to her reputation. She was, anyway, a world acclaimed critic and this particular series had made her very wealthy. Could she survive the debris amid the hailstorm that would come with her revelations. That is IF, she survived long enough to tell it. 

This was more or less her life’s eschatology at a glance. She didn’t need to be told that her fate was sealed to the continuity or end of this series. There had been extra security measures at the theater: no phones, no extra clothing. Everyone was in their own cubicle and thus removed from the rest and the dark blue plate-less van always in her vicinity.

But she was the sentry of her fate, what cannot be helped must be endured. Last week, she carried out the biggest deceit of her career. She included a real character in that script. He disappeared soon after and he surfaced in the film and she, if the script was anything to go by, knew exactly where his body was. 

She suddenly felt a bit light-headed, she noted something in the air that had no good business being there. She acted fast and slipped into the hidden panic room, only a nuclear explosion could get to her in there. As she slipped into semi-unconsciousness she realised she had almost become a pawn in her own game. 


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Wordle #127 “October 31st, 2016”

1. Adverse 2. Wrap 3. Drouk (verb. To wet thoroughly. To drench.) 4. Film 5. Certain 6. Seam 7. Bedraggle 8. Debris 9. Eschatology  10. Glance 11. Sentry 12. Decieve