Under attack…


Have you ever wanted to flip someone off so bad,

your finger involuntarily twitches in your pocket?

That is how I feel, walking past the construction site, near my office suite,


Babie, why don’t you smile?

I like the skirt you had on, you should be on a runway show,

Yeah swing those curvy hips, why are you wearing jeans,

Do you have a man that takes care of you?

Does he like how serious you look?

Do you pout like that when he touches you?

Maybe she is queer, do you bump vags sweetie?


She must be one of those feminists,

Too good for a man aren’t you?

think you have skin of gold or a rainbow god down there?

Say hi back darling, don’t be mad,

see you tomorrow, and wear a skirt slut.

*Roars of laughter*

Each day the tower grows taller,

Each day I want to burn it down,

Each day I want to tell them to eat shit,

But like every other, I walk hurriedly past,

Pretend I didn’t hear a thing,

Hope they never come down to live out their threats,

Hope for the day I will walk down that street in peace,

Hope for the day I will walk anywhere alone in peace.


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