A friend for a penny…

Who thought Loneliness could money spin,

in this generation you can pay for a cuddle,

even get someone to help you jump a puddle,

you can rent a friend for an hour,

or a walk companion for some minutes,

interaction has become so exclusive,

many can’t afford a brush of skin,

paying for connection is now understandable,

it has become mainstream and is almost the in-thing,

the market is responding to something that humans thought innate,

now we are like inmates, in isolation we live, worse than solitary we strive to be,

we find it hard to stand up and say hi,

or to speak to a human not hidden behind a screen,

can’t we see, we are already an inch beneath the sea,

a human who interacts with another without compensation,

is soon becoming a pedigree,

only available to the highest bidder.

sinkin_soon_by_illdispose-d61wtdm.jpgimage from – illdispose.deviantart.com

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie : Photo Challenge #131



8 thoughts on “A friend for a penny…

  1. Interesting message here. We’re so isolated from each other we’re laying to interact to have socialization. We need it so badly. Yet it’s become a commodity. Most if us are like this woman, alone drowning because we have no one to talk to, no connections with people. Time with someone goes to the highest bidder, and most everyone is not that wealthy so they are alone — drowning in it. Great response!

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  2. Very striking writing, and the poem carries a message that is very important to be heard in today’s world.
    On the topic itself, I am as usual, partial, because I cannot see everything one sidedly and I think humanity will always struggle to find a middle.Nevertheless, we should strive, and poems like yours can I think help people do that, especially young people, who constantly hear and experience that they have to abide to a million social constructs because they are “in”.

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