Back in time…


Suddenly we were sucked into nothingness,

When we came to, all we could see was jungle, sounds of terrible animals of the night knocked the air out of our lungs,

The microlith had transported us to the stone age,

Map guided, up the mountain we went and into the caves,

We had but one tease, to get rich with ease,

The glitter of free gold strummed the strings of our veins,

Precious stones filled our pockets, just as the scroll had said,

Now that we were rich, we wanted to go back,

But somewhere in between, the frenzy of search and grab,

Someone lost the scroll of old,

There we were, stuck with no way of moving forward, back from whence we came,

All our efforts proved futile, like little feet paddling in an ocean filled with sharks, hunger pangs filled our gut,

The fruit of the bramble beckoned, we were famished, we took a bite for life,

In one breath our eyes gave in, the wildness in them could be seen,

One by one we became feral, the esurient in our nature irresistible,

I was the last one standing, The sillage of blood hung in the air after the frenzy mania,

I found a way out, long after my hair had grown grey,

Thus I learned,

You should not read out loud, words found on ancient artifacts,

and if by any chance you do, lose not the scroll and don’t eat the damn bramble fruit.


Written for Wordle #121 “September 19th, 2016”


16 thoughts on “Back in time…

  1. That was such a joy to read! And seems to have been written with such ease, read like a series of images leaving a scent of the carnage, desperation but ended on a wry humorous note. Bravo loved loved it 🙂

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  2. I thought it was great that you chose to go back in time with this. That is something that I would love to be able to do. I also agree with Michael about your use of the word “sillage”. I avoided that word in mine because I didn’t think I could properly use it. You did great. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. How cool. 🙂 I read about your place years ago in school.
        The pediatrician that our children had when they were little was from Ghana, West Africa. He was a very nice man.
        Have you ever been outside of Kenya? I’ve never been outside of the United States.

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