Grannie’s Shed. 

There was a dusty, brown, squarish, boring old stone at the entrance to my Grannie’s little old shed.  I once tried to turn it when I was six or seven and earned a smack at the back of the head for it.  “Not yet love,” she smiled.

I thought nothing of it after, I was just a baby anyways.  

Twenty-six years later, on this beautiful autumn morn, I stare at it from under my blurry lids. Holding my breath I turn it up to see what Grannie left me in her will.  

Beneath the dusty, brown, squarish, boring old stone, was a single sanguine ruby, a small key, and a hand written note…

“A stone turned before its time is dangerous, but one turned at the right time brings treasure”

Key in hand with a wet smile playing on my lips, I wondered what else Grannie left me in her little old shed… 

ffw 6

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Phylor. Thank you Phylor for our photo prompt!81st Challenge Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week of 09-06 through 09-12-2016


35 thoughts on “Grannie’s Shed. 

  1. Grandmas have this knack you know to keep secrets and treasures and oh well secrets are like treasures, and one day when you least expect they give you an amazing piece of history….such a sweet story of undying love.

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