Daughter of the night…


They could see me, well I let them, sort of,

I let them feel my transparency, but they only saw through me,

My beauty fooled them, the vision I projected they glutinously consumed,


It was custom to eat only the heart once they were caught, 

The raving wolf man of the west was best,

At the first moon set, a bite was taken drained of blood,

To initiate a new family into the pack, the first bite was custom to the first son,

The Clan had oversight, knowing all, seeing all

In seeing all they oversaw one thing, one person,

The one girl who couldn’t weather her curiosity, 

They found her in a pool of blood, she took a bite of what culture forbade,

The heart was undrained, blood of the wolf man was now in her own,

In panic they hid her body, they knew what she might become,

Her father grief stricken and feared, refused she be burned to ash,

They thought she would weather into stone, if they kept her in frozen form.

But she was a virgin and soon she took form,

They refrained from intruding the tomb, even when they heard her refrain in the wind,

They swore to secrecy, keeping a tale that shouldn’t be unknown,

Day by day, night by night, she wailed,

Her song would temper the hardest soul, 

She suck them dead to temper her heart of stone,

It was their fault, they faulted the rules, kept secrets of sanguine red,


Soul departed, Skeleton deported, Song in the wind disappeared,

Then they heard sliced in sanguine cheer,

Someone had seen a body, stripped of it’s flesh,

A slithering sin sanguine cheer, In the shadows lurking,

I was a model of fear, a model of the first born daughter,

Now daughter of the night, blood thirsty raveled in tempest cheer, 

I unraveled the first sons’ cheer, In a split of quantum disputed cheer,

 I wooed him with my breast and drained his blood,

The pack shall never grow. 


In the shadows I will stay opaque yet transparently clear,

Letting them see me, sort of… 

Till the next set moon, as is custom.


Wordle Special Addition Contranym “September 5th, 2016”


6 thoughts on “Daughter of the night…

    1. Thank you, I was a little nervous to post it actually, it was quite a hard one, I even commented to @Motherpord about it. I really appreciate the Wordle it challenges me to think beyond and improve my writing. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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