We decided to go…

We sat facing each other,

The saporous concoction infront of us bubbling and Fizzy,

The bitter herb was sitting between us,

This green ashen herb, our medium from here to there,

It sat there omnious, almost as if it could see through our true thoughts,

Judging us, ridiculing our tangy thoughts,

The ginger was supposed to create a delicate equilibrium to the tougue,

But we both knew it wouldn’t help much,

The acerbic would be the first to hit the teeth,

The saftig buttery consitency would then find a home in the throat,

Then the belch would come,

A potent garlic, honey with onion sauce,

Our last meal, our last communion,

We had mixed and strired hardly looking each other in the eye,

and as the fist taste hit us with a Piquant Seasoned flavour,

we held each others hands,

and soon our eyes were smokey,

It was hard to beleive that this sauce,

was going to be the end of us.


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