She woke up with a splitting headache.Her body felt heavy and immobile, a fuschia blur was all she could see, a nice scent was coming from it. As her sight cleared she saw it was a flower, she couldn’t figure out which one, from her position.  

 A sharp pain quickly brought her back to reality as sensation returned to each and every nerve ending in her body. One part in particular hurt so much. She tried to scream, she couldn’t move her hands or feet. She inhaled sharply and dust went into her nostrils making her sneeze awkwardly.

She quickly noted that she was lying on the ground and tried getting up. There was so much dried blood around her and one side of her bodice was completely soaked.

 “What happened? “, she whispered to her self as she raised her top.

A bunch of ugly stitches was the answer she found. 

 Written for Sunday Photo Fictioner



7 thoughts on “Mugged. 

  1. Hmmm. I would be extremely worried for this girl. Mugged and what else? As CE remarks, considerate of the guy who mugged her to stitch her up. But that might need redoing, it’s not like you want an ugly scar there from a shoddy job. Well told. Evocative. And full of emotions.

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