The Horse Man.

flash fiction 3Thank you Phylor for our photo prompt!

The Horse Man.

The traffic cop who just waved me to stop was walking towards my car. I was about to lower my window as I searched for my licence when to my horror I caught a glimpse of a horse on the side mirror.

“Ma’am, licence and registration?”

My hands were frozen on the wheel. The packing space was too small to do anything, he had packed right behind me and the car on my right was blocking my other door so I was basically a trapped dear.

I could feel a cold sweat go down my back and I shut my eyes tight and refused to look at him even as he insistently knocked on my window.

He will have to smash it to get to me.

He will have to work to get to me.

I refused to believe what I had seen.


“How did he know my name”, I panicked

“Joy, wake up!”

I opened my eyes with a start to see my brother hovering over me.

“Sorry”, I muttered

“Night mare?”, He asked.

“Yes, I guess.”

“Still about the horse man?”

“This time it was a cop.”

“You need to get over your fear of horses.”

“I know”.


Written for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.

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