Child of Mine.


I can still feel the echo in my womb,

The amniotic fluid whooshing side to side,

The many times I thought I heard a gurgle,

Nine months! More like 9 long years,


When she finaly came, I swear I heard her crackle,

As she rustled inside the swaddling clothes,

Wondering why all of a sudden so restricted,

And the little pop at the back of her throat,

As she scratched and suckled to keep hunger at bay,


Oh her cooing was so sonorous,

A nocturne that kept me awake,

As she told of things unknown to me,

Her breathing, a silent buzz which only I could hear,

As we waited for the darkness to pass,


Her cries when she was mad could deafen,

But a little whistle would blow the anger away,

The pursing of the lips amused her,

Then came her still infectious laugh with a chuckle,


Months have so fast turned into years,

My voice is now a thready whisper,

As I see her go,

I choke on tears streaming down to kiss my smile,

Soon she will have to leave the nest,

To fly away and catch her worm.



My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle Special Addition Sound “August 1st, 2016”


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