I dared to speak…

Truth said before it’s time is dangerous. That is how I found myself in this  dark tiny cell peeking through the small slits between the heavy grey metallic bars.

They got me good, I thought I could get away from all of it by simply stating the truth, that the CEO was stealing retirement funds and stashing it in off shore accounts. But I was hasty, I talked to the wrong person, I had no evidence.

Suddenly emails I never wrote surfaced, bank accounts I never opened appeared in my name. A media spectacle ensued.  In one short week I was reduced to a migrant stealing jobs from the citizens and in the same breath stealing their money! The loath was palpable in the air, it was all I could breath in and it hurt my heart.

People that always swam around me were no more. Thrown out of my house, the neighborhood kids spat at me as I passed by. But it didn’t matter because I was so close, so close to clearing my name, I had an ally on the inside, finally the weeks of folly were coming to an end. The deeper we dug, the more we uncovered. The saga went so far up it blew our minds, it was big, it was good, it was juicy.

I was snoozing peacefully on my cardboard bed at the street corner when they came. I was awoken by the stomping of heavy boots and rough hands manhandled me into a dark van. I slid on something sticky as I tried frantically to sit up. 

As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I made out a figure lying flat on the floor. A person or a bag? I shook the form slightly and it rolled over, through the blood I could make out my ally, I called out his name,he was not breathing! 

My heart sunk to my stomach, I did this! his family will have to live without him because of me. My mind was reeling, I felt dizzy, there was something funny in the air. “You wont get away with this!” I cried.

Well, now I find myself in this dark tiny cell with a document from the state that says I will die tomorrow.

Charges: Embezzlement and Murder.

But I get it.

Dead men don’t talk.