My Inheritance.

Flash Fiction3Thank you Louise!


If I broke down my life into chapters, my best one would be this. Enjoying a sunny afternoon in my garden. Tending to my plants as they eat the remains of the man who has kept me hostage for fifteen years.

Has it crossed my mind to leave now that I was finally free? Yes, I have wondered about going back home, just to see how they would react seeing the little boy they sold to slavery all grown up.

But why waste a whole ranch?

When he became terminally ill, I saw my way out. Changing the will was simple enough, then I denied him food untill he agreed to sign it. Plus, everybody knows me here, he took me to the market when I was young all the time. Nobody asked why our skin tone didn’t match, no one asked about my tear-stained face.

I learnt pretty fast that everyone minded their own business in this small isolated town and that is what I needed, a  Sanctuary .


Written as a weekly challenge hosted by   Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers





23 thoughts on “My Inheritance.

  1. WOW! I love this! Such an intriguing, compelling character and story. Yeah, he seems bitter and accepting. He can “see clearly now, the rain is gone” and all that. It’s a shame he let himself go by these means, but I have a feeling that was a one time deal. He took control back.

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  2. Well, that’s joyously dark. I agree with Sonny – what an opening! Can see that as the start of a novel, then a rewind to see how your protagonist ended up in that position. I hope your character enjoys the fruits of their labours – a recompense for years of suffering.
    My first time with FFfAW and loving these stories 🙂

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  3. I agree with others, above. This intriguing snippet could probably form the basis of a good novel. 🙂 There’s a lot of story that could be told, both before and after this short section. I feel great sympathy for your protagonist (he/she?) after all she’s been through, even though the means of getting what she wanted was decidedly dark. Will she be able to live with what she did? I hope so, because she deserves some happiness. 🙂

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