Silence is Consent.

Tick, Tock…

The seconds continually go by,

But no amount of time can erase your crime,

Your crime?


For the children who play with shrapnel,

For the mother who had no chance to bury her son,

For the man who died to save his wife,

For the woman who had a baby in camp,

For the person who is called undocumented,

For the doctor bombed while in surgery,

For the man in uniform in a war of his great grandfathers,

For all the souls lost at sea,

For all the bodies burned into the sand,

They were not perfect,

But your silence is a graver sin.




7 thoughts on “Silence is Consent.

    1. I know, but keeping silent about an injustice is being on the side of the oppressor. Acknowledging an injustice has been done is the first step. The rest will follow and most times, which is the sad part, at a much slower pace than is required.

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